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Buddha Feng Shui Set – Hamsa – Grey

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    Introducing our Buddha Feng Shui Set – captivating Hamsa design in a serene Grey colour. This exquisite set combines the spiritual essence of Buddha and the protective power of the Hamsa symbol to create a harmonious and positive energy in any space.

    The Buddha, a revered symbol of enlightenment and inner peace, emanates a serene aura, inviting a sense of balance and serenity into the environment. 

    The Hamsa, a universal symbol of protection and good fortune, acts as a shield against negative energies while attracting abundance and positive vibrations.  

    The combination of the Buddha and Hamsa in this set creates a powerful synergy, promoting spiritual well-being and a harmonious atmosphere. 

    Ideal for retailers, this Buddha Feng Shui Set in Grey serves as an excellent addition to any home decor store, wellness centre, or gift shop. Customers will be drawn to its captivating design and the positive energy it radiates.


    Buddha: 25cm

    Stand: H- 42.5cm

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